About Us

DSTV Installation Johannesburg

The only DSTV agency you will ever need!

DSTV Installation Johannesburg was born from the need that every customer was complaining about and we have bridged the gab by ensuring that we have everything that you will ever need in one place at affordable prices.

Our prices have always been low when compared to other DSTV companies because we stock in bulk in order to save our customers money and by having everything in one place you save time as well.

We provide customers with the following DSTV installation services:

  • Extra View Installation
  • Explora Installation
  • Triple View Installation
  • DSTV Repairs
  • DSTV Support

DSTV done the right way!

At DSTV Installation Johannesburg we aim to ensure that every installation is inspected and checked before we can say we are done because when we say we are done it means you will not have any problems with our DSTV installations.

Other DSTV related services include:

  • Domestic DSTV Installations
  • Commercial DSTV Installations
  • Custom DSTV Installations

At DSTV Installation Johannesburg we have always been dedicated to providing the best DSTV services and by working with MultiChoice we have managed to achieve our goals throughout all these years.

DSTV Installation Johannesburg has staff members that know DSTV in and out, our DSTV installation technicians are all accredited and approved. If you are looking for DSTV installation experts with a good reputation, call us today!