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DSTV is South Africa’s biggest provider of Satellite TV services, offering a range of monthly packages as well as different DSTV boxes which convert that satellite signal into something you can watch. The problem is the installation. Different independent DSTV installers cover different areas, and all have their own price lists, depending on the complexity of the installation job. Rest assured that you can get the best price available for your DSTV installation by completing our quick and easy form. We have a network of installers, and up to 4 of them will contact you to quote competitively for your business.

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We at are passionate about getting you in touch with the right company to supply and install your new DSTV. When you complete our form, we contact our network of top professionals who in turn contact you to give you their best prices. We do not pass your details on to anybody else. When looking for DSTV installations, prices vary wildly, so why not get quotes from us? It takes just seconds, and we will get back to you in minutes, not days!

I am very pleased with the installation process of my DSTV, it was done in time to catch the 2015 rugby world cup. Now I wont miss any of the games!

Matthew du Plessis


I’m  extremely pleased with the results that I got, I submitted my form and on the same day I got quotes from various of businesses wanting to install my DSTV.

Lauren van Graan


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